Our New Obsession: Dana Slatkin, Beverly Hills’ Farmgirl 90210

Dana’s class was taught in her insanely beautiful kitchen in her Beverly Hills’ home. She had a place setting for each us at her island and a monogrammed apron (as seen in the picture) tied to our bar stool. There was no detail she had not thought of even before the cooking class started. Once she we all arrived and were served hot, frothy lattes, Dana began our class by teaching us about the different types of oils and which ones to use with different temperatures while cooking. Avocado oil is what she REALLY loves and every one of us left her house with a can in hand. Olive oil is good to use when cooking with low heat and for soups while avocado oil is better for high heat.

Dana’s menu for the class started with a plum tomato soup with baby grilled cheese sandwiches. Not only was it easy to make for a weeknight dinner, it was off the charts delicious. The next dish was a haricots verts salad with lentils and dijon vinaigrette. The dressing will be a weekly staple to be made every Sunday in both of our homes and live in our fridges all week. It was SO good that it will make any salad or vegetable taste wonderful. Dana then taught us how to make a seared whitefish in mustard, caper and herb sauce. I promise you it was better than what we could have ordered in the nicest restaurant in Beverly Hills. Lastly, Dana topped our menu off with a Vegan Chocolate Mousse. The secret ingredients were coconut milk and vanilla paste (not extract).

All we could say in the end of the class was….”when are we doing this again?”.  This week our menus are set. We are convinced that our husbands and children will LOVE us for attending this class and want us to do it again soon.

If you want to change yourself for the better in the kitchen….follow the Beverly Hills’ Farmgirl, Dana Slatkin. You will thank us, we promise!


Annie & Benton