Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman is the quintessential entertainer. If Kimberly is not hosting a beautiful party, she is thinking about it. Kimberly entertains with originality, creativity and elegance.

Annie first met Kimberly at a dinner while vacationing in Prague. Once she realized her talents and accolades, she knew we had to feature her on our site. Kimberly is a contributing editor for Southern Living, author of entertaining books, creator of a charity/non profit social calendar in Dallas, and entertaining expert guest on Today show and other tv stations.  Trust us, she is an authority on entertaining. She contributes a lot of that knowledge to her mother and growing up around women who loved to socialize.

Kimberly is SO much fun to be around. She is always thinking of great new ideas for the table and party. Everyone needs to buy her books and recreate some of her amazing parties. Her books are Tablecapes: Setting the Table with Style, Party Planner: An Expert Organizing Guide to Entertaining and The Wedding Workbook: A Time Saving Guide for the Busy Bride. Kimberly is working on her next book on monograms. You can see how we call her the quintessential entertainer!