Laurie David

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Laurie David is an inspiration to us in many ways. First, she motivates and inspires us to get our whole family in the kitchen and start cooking….healthily. Secondly, Laurie is a doer, she is a role model for all women and especially mothers. Recently, we had the honor to go to her book signing for her new cookbook, Family Cooks. Between Annie and me, we have 6 six children and this cookbook is a real winner. The recipes are easy, yummy and easily modified to cater to everyone in the family.

Before The Family Cooks, Laurie published The Family Dinner where she gives great ways to connect with your family, one meal at a time. In the Family Dinner not only does Laurie give recipes, she also includes fun, family games that engage kids.

When Laurie accepted our request to be a style expert for A2B Table, we were thrilled! Who better could we ask for to give us new recipes and great family games!