Pamela Salzman










We first met Pamela at one of her very popular cooking classes in the Pacific Palisades. We fell in love with Pamela and her cooking from that point on. Pamela is an innovator in the kitchen. Her recipes are all “farm to table” and taste delicious. What we also find wonderful about her recipes is that they are family friendly and not to complicated. After her class, we purged our refrigerators of anything in a bottle that we could make healthier on our own. Pamela gave us easy recipes for homemade, fresh salad dressings, granolas and other daily things we eat.

If anyone does not believe that everything comes from within, you should meet Pamela. Her skin is radiant and looks as though she has never aged a day. She is a certified holistic health counselor and natural foods cooking instructor based in Los Angeles. Her favorite way to spend her time is at the kitchen table with her husband and three children. Since going to her class, we are officially the President’s of the Pamela Salzman Cooking Club!


Pamela Salzman Style

Thanksgiving Elegance