Todd Bagwell










Todd is a close family friend who has been a part of every large social event in our family including my wedding that he planned. He is the ultimate southern entertainer. He is a born and bred Southerner who was taught to do things “the right way”. That included saying “yes mam”, “no sir”, going to church on Sunday and being the perfect host when someone entered your home whether it was to check the hot water heater for a gas leak or to eat a four course dinner laid out with the best you had to offer. The best you had to offer did not have to be fancy or expensive. Actually, it could be quite common. However, it should always be presented uncommonly well. For the last 25 years, Todd has been throwing open the doors to some of the best corporate, social and wedding events in the country. Many say he does this uncommonly well….and trust us he does!

Todd Bagwell Style